When Mobile game comes out

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When Mobile game comes out

Postby Deh_Loquendero » Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:56 pm

I would like to see this things:

- Customization: a way you can create your own character. It's a little boring that you can only pick some characters, so, instead of just staying with 8 non-premium characters, how about a unique character! You can use the pieces from the World people and make some of the features Premium(so that you don't create an exact copy of a premium one)
- More beans: It's a little impossible mission to get spells like Greater Heal or Revive(but that is the point of them, since they are... broken) but, at least increase the sell value of some of the pieces. I haven't tied lvl 6-11 equipment, but lvl 2-3 are a little undervalue.
- 1 or 2 Earth spells: i think this is pretty obvious... There is no spell for Earth elements. Idk if there is Earth type Jellies, but, at least 1 spell/skill can help it.
- Nerf bosses: This is what I want the less... Bosses are so tanky that if you fight them without healing it's impossible to win. I mean, that does add difficulty to the game,since you are obligated to team work, but at least make lvl 3 bosses a little less damage sponge.

Some of this Ideas(*cough* *cough* *customization* *cough*) are crazy, but considering that It's going to get overpopulated, you'll get this suggestions by many users.
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