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Pet revival

Postby Parctikl » Sun Dec 29, 2013 3:23 pm

When you finish the 'Revive your pet' quest, I got an amount of hp that was equal to full hp for the previous level.
0/80 Hp <-- Unfinished quest
64/80 Hp<-- After finished quest
Level 5 Full hp=80 Hp
Level 4 Full hp=64 Hp

And oh yeah,when you check the pet tab(the tab to summon your designated pet), it says my pet's level 4 while my pets really level 5.
Please fix Des :P
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Re: Pet revival

Postby Des » Sun Dec 29, 2013 3:57 pm

The pet revive quest is not designed to give you full hp, the higher level your pet the less hp you get from revive quest.

When I get a chance I will look in to the pet level not being shown correctly.
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