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PostPosted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 1:04 pm
by Des
I'm sure that almost everyone knows that this next update is going to be primarily focused on the Pet vs Pet battles. I can say for sure that we are getting closer to being able to have chaotic pet fights between our pets with rewards for the victors and possible frustrations for the losers.

But we are not quite there yet so lets take a step back and see the inevitable storm of chaos that will be here and what can you do to prepare for it. I would highly recommend reading the pet guides to get a better understanding of how to build pets to maximize their effectiveness in battle. Those guides are there to help and provide good information for anyone who would like to have powerful pets. One of the most valueble items within the game for these situations would have to be the Magic Capsule that allows you to fix or enhance any pet build that you have done or made mistakes on.

So now you're thinking whats coming in the next update? The ability to send challenge requests to other players to fight pet vs pet in 1vs1, team vs team of 4vs4 and Guild vs Guild in 8 vs 8. Yes you read correct Guild vs Guild in 8 vs 8 pet fight.

In pet fights you will earn experience but not normal experience that will level your pet but experience towards your pet's Battle Level. For the victors of the pet battle you will also earn Victory Coins and lots more pet statistics have been added for your own viewing and for the leaderboards which will have a lot of pet related rankings added.


This update is not entirely pet related, for those of you who are like me and enjoy play in the classic or team games within a game room you will definitely like the new addition of Frenzy Mode which will make the game rooms a lot more interesting and fun to play. This option has been added to the room creation area and can be enabled or disabled at that time before the game room is created.

Just to clarify I have previously mentioned that this update is quite large and will take a long time to make so I decided to split it into two pieces so that we can all play what is already completed while we wait for more stuff to be added. The main thing that will be split and moved to the next update following this one will be the new pet abilities that can be acquired through Victory Coins and some other stuff.

I guess that covers the basic information about most of what is coming in the next update so get ready for Battle :)

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 1:17 pm
by Rats
whoa the 8 vs. 8 sounds really fun

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 07, 2014 1:49 pm
by HellCandy
That sounds very interesting, csk world is going to be a chaotic battle ground for all types of evil cookie ninjas!

Looking forward for that day nyhaha! >;3

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 08, 2014 2:53 pm
by sonny00777
guess i better start training my fellow reapers :o

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 9:51 am
by glitterangel
I'm looking forward to it. ^.^

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 21, 2014 8:53 am
by Reshiram
Looks cool

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2014 12:22 am
by vikram
Did Magic Capsule is Available Right now. Did quest name is Power of the Rainbow

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PostPosted: Fri Jul 04, 2014 1:01 am
by HellCandy
Yes,I think that's probably the name. Magic Capsule quest is available for level 5 and 10. You can only do the level 5 quest 1 time but the level 10 Magic Capsule quest is a monthly quest which means you can get the quest again every month.

Ps: You must finish all of the previous quests to be able to get it.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2014 12:00 am
by vikram
I'm Talking about the Quest which we have to Collect Rainbow Pearls. I got it when i already had one quest.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 05, 2014 2:17 pm
by Jessimine
Wow . . . that pumpkin's wearing heavy armor . . . *speechless*