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Postby Des » Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:31 pm

After a lot of effort the update was finally launched on Wednesday but there was some minor setbacks so not everything that was supposed to be in this update made it into this update. What did make it on this update is:

* Ability to register an account
* Choose your own unique nick name at time of registration
* Login with your account into the Lounge
* Join any available game room from the Lounge
* Ability to leave a game room and return to the Lounge
* Create a new game room from The Lounge
* Gain experience and level up by defeating opponent players
* Gain JellyBeans( Money ) from defeating other players
* some other minor stuff too

What didn't make it on this update:

- Ability to spend JellyBeans on purchasing new characters through the shop
- The shop interface
- The ability to change your character from the acquired characters that you have obtained
- The stats are not stored at this time so there is not stats to be displayed
- some other stuff too

The stuff that didn't make it in this update are in the works and will be in one of the future updates not too far into the future, but for now anyone who would like to have an account for playing is able to do so and there will be lots of fun things added on in the future to look forward too. So for now have fun and I'll see you in the game :)
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Re: August/13/2010

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