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Postby bluedragon123 » Sat May 24, 2014 7:53 am

haithams and hanihesham they both cheating. i dnt hav the exact pic cuz my computer loading sooo slow an yea

it started like this... haithams pvp me then he pvp me again i didnt accept it yet when blueflowers can an sented me a pvp request. so i needed to change my pet lvl to 4 , an hanihesham was in the party with blueflowers an he had a lvl 6 an flowers has a lvl 1 so they fought my lvl 4 pet doodlebuggy then, i said no heal because then it wouldnt be fair but haniheaham kept healing flowers which made it unfair and he wouldn't stop then after tht . i was going to change pet to battle haith but , he just immediately accept it so he would win or something...

sooo yea ( kinda complicated) is this cheating?? :x :|
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