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Postby Des » Sun Sep 23, 2012 4:37 pm

Server update took place between 9pm-10pm, during that time the server was offline.

Server time zone ... ific-time/

I'm pleased that this update was completed in roughly 1 hours time without any issues from what I can see so far, lets hope it stays that way :)

So this update includes a whole bunch of stuff:
- Logo is now added to the game title screen and it looks great xD
- pet max level has been raised to level 11...yay
- new spell added called Magic Attack, you can buy it from Leon
- NPC Daisy also had a few basic items added
- spells and skills max level has been raised to roughly 11, so now you can upgrade those abilities higher to be more powerful
- new map area has been opened up which comes with a bunch of stuff along with it
- new enemies levels 6 to 11
- new bosses that are extremely powerful
- new items like armors and weapons for levels 6 to 10
- new pet eggs that can be obtained by fighting enemies
- new quests for the new map area
- various small bug fixes

This was an important update because it allows the pets to become stronger with better equipment so you can really see the true strength of these pets, but don't take your enemies likely the new enemies are much stronger than the previous ones and if you just spam basic attack you will most likely lose the fight. It is important to have strategy and when in a team work as a team and you will see great results.

As for the bosses don't even think about fighting them like the previous bosses, the previous bosses where easy to beat in comparison to these bosses. This is done intentionally because I've seen most users just spam basic attack which is fine in most situations but if you are going to fight a boss don't stand there and trade hits, you have to learn to use block and counter at the right times which is an important part of strategy within the pet fights.

Anyway enjoy this update and if you like it invite your friends and or pass around the link to the game so others can find out about it too, have fun playing :)
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Re: September/23/2012

Postby HellCandy » Mon Sep 24, 2012 1:44 am

Finally lol, great job, looking forward to it..
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Re: September/23/2012

Postby vikram » Sun Dec 30, 2012 4:57 am

HellCandy Is Right
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