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Postby Des » Mon Oct 03, 2011 9:40 pm

Since a lot of users are having difficulties with taking a picture in the game I have made it a lot easier to do so by adding a new command:

/take picture

When you enter this command into the chat input area you will be asked where to save the file, make sure to save it where you can find it.

Then you can upload the image to so that you can share your image with everyone else. To upload to the flickr group you must sing in using yahoo/facebook/google account or create a new account.

You will also see I've added this image to the flickr group to show how easy it is.

Now the more fun stuff is that I would like to try something to see how well it works out, I will give everyone a whole week to submit their best picture that they have taken and at the end of the week I will chose the winning picture and reward the person 600 Jellybeans :) . I will chose the winning picture on April 4/2011 so that means the Monday.

Rules for submitting photo is that it must be appropriate and please do not try to submit hundreds of pictures, only select your best picture.
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